Norwood Bank Charitable Foundations Donates $1,000 to the League School of Greater Boston

February 2017

Norwood BankJohn Galvani, President and CEO of Norwood Bank presented a $1,000 donation on behalf of the Norwood Bank Charitable Foundation to Timothy P. McCabe, Head of Development of the League School of Greater Boston. “For 50 years, League School has been committed to helping children and young adults with autism develop the skills they will need to be independent and productive adults. As a leader in the community, Norwood Bank’s support not only strengthens our ability to serve our students but is a call to action for other residents, businesses, and community leaders to join in our important work”, said Timothy McCabe. Pictured are Norwood Bank President John Galvani and Vice President Tracey Robbins and board Member of the League School, and Tim McCabe, Head of Development for the League School of Greater Boston.