Certificates of Deposit represent an excellent savings program when you want investment safety and a higher rate of interest on your savings funds. You are paid a guaranteed rate of interest when you agree to leave a specific dollar amount on deposit for a specific period of time, called the term.


Grow your savings with a guaranteed interest rate for the length of the term. Start your account with as little as $1,000.

17-month iCertificate

Minimum balance to open is $1,000. Minimum daily balance to earn APY is $.01. Interest is compounded and posted monthly. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. No IRAs. Withdrawals may reduce earnings. This rate may change at any time. At maturity, the 17-month CD will renew for a 12-month term and rate in effect at the time unless you instruct us otherwise. View Rate

22-month iCertificate

The Step-Up option may be used only once during the 22-Month term. To exercise your option, you may visit the branch or call us at 781-762-1800. When you request to Step-Up your 22-Month CD, the new rate will be equal to the then-current 24-Month CD rate. The new adjusted rate will be in effect from the date of request to the renewal date. At maturity, the 22-Month Step-Up CD will renew into a fixed 24-Month CD rate and remain at that current rate unless you instruct us otherwise. View Rate